The table below lists all of the datasets that are stored in the A.P.E.S database. You can create a subset of datasets or find just one that is of interest to you by using the “search” function, and typing in a country/region/year/data provider. All datasets that match your criteria will then be displayed. Select the datasets you are interested in accessing by selecting the tick box on the left, and then press the “request” icon.


Select Country Region Site Start Year End Year Data Provider Data Owner Survey ID
Burundi Albertine Rift Kibira 2007 Plumptre WCS UgandaBI_1_Kiba_2007_07_15_Plumptre
Burundi Bururi Bururi 2007 2009 Nzigiyimpa INECM BurundiBI_1_Buri_2007_07_15_Nzigiyimpa
Burundi Vyanda Vyanda 2009 Nzigiyimpa INECM BurundiBI_1_Vyaa_2009_07_15_Nzigiyimpa
Cameroon Bande, SW Region Bande 2008 2008 Warren WCS Cameroon CM_1_Bane_2008_03_15_Warren
Cameroon Boumba Bek Boumba Bek 2003 2004 MIKE_Project CM_1_BBEK_2003_10_10_MIKE_Project
Cameroon East Region Cameroon UFA10047a 2007 2007 Delbene CM_1_U17a_2007_09_15_Delbene
Cameroon Eastern Region Lobeke National Park and its periphery 2001 2006 Dongmo WWF-CCPOCM_1_Lace_2001_01_04_Dongmo
Cameroon Korup National Park Korup National Park 2006 2007 Ekobo WWF-CFPCM_1_Korp_2006_09_15_Ekobo
Cameroon Littoral Region Ebo Forest 2008 2008 Morgan Zoological Society of San DiegoCM_1_Ebox_2008_01_15_Morgan
Cameroon Mbam et Djerem Mbam Djarem National Park 2006 Maisels CM_1_Mbam_2006_02_15_Maisels
Cameroon Mengame Gorilla Sanctuary Mengame 2006 2006 Ntongho WWF-CCPOCM_1_Mene_2006_01_15_Ntongho
Cameroon NW Region Ako Forest 2008 2008 Warren WCS CameroonCM_1_Akox_2008_12_15_Warren
Cameroon Periphery of Campo Ma'an National Park, Cameroon UFA09024 2008 Etoga CM_1_U024_2008_07_15_Etoga
Cameroon Periphery of the Campo Ma'an National Park UFA-09-021 2008 Etoga WWF-Kudu-Zombo ProjectCM_1_U021_2008_06_15_Etoga
Cameroon SW Region Banyang-Mbo Sanctuary 2006 2007 Maisels_and_Greengrass CM_1_Uppg_2006_12_03_Maisels_and_Greengrass
Cameroon SW Region Basho -Kekpane hills 2007 2007 Sunderland-Groves WCS CameroonCM_1_Basx_2007_02_19_Sunderland-Groves
Cameroon SW Region Bechati-Mone 2007 2008 Ekobo WWF-CFPCM_1_Beci_2007_11_07_Ekobo
Cameroon SW Region Cross River area (incl. Mbulu Hills Community Forest, Mawne River Wildlife Reserve, Okwangwo & Boshi Forest reserve, Afi River Forest Reserve), Nigeria and Cameroon. 1998 2008 Bergl WCSCM_2_Croa_1998_04_01_Bergl
Cameroon SW Region Eshobi 2008 Warren WCS CameroonCM_1_Eshi_2008_10_15_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Eti-bogat 2008 2008 Warren WCS CameroonCM_1_Etit_2008_02_04_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Etuku Forest 2008 2008 Warren WCS CameroonCM_1_Etuu_2008_02_08_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Lebialem-Mone Forest Landscape 2007 2009 Nkembi CM_1_Lebe_2007_10_15_Nkembi
Cameroon SW Region Makile Hills 2000 2000 Sunderland-Groves WCS Cameroon / Sunderland-GrovesCM_1_Maks_2000_09_15_Sunderland-Groves
Cameroon SW Region Matene Forest 1999 2001 Sunderland-Groves_and_Warren WCS Cameroon / Sunderland-GrovesCM_1_Mate_1999_01_26_Sunderland-Groves_and_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Mblishe Forest 2001 Sunderland-Groves WCS Cameroon / Sunderland-GrovesCM_1_Mbie_2001_05_15_Sunderland-Groves
Cameroon SW Region Mbulu Hills 2001 2008 Sunderland-Groves_and_Warren WCS Cameroon / Sunderland-GrovesCM_1_Mbuu_2001_04_02_Sunderland-Groves_and_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Mone Forest Reserve 2007 2007 Warren CM_1_Monv_2007_11_11_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Mount Oko 2008 2008 Warren CM_1_Mouo_2008_03_22_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Mt Cameroon National Park 2006 2007 Ekobo WWF CFPCM_1_Moun_2006_11_15_Ekobo
Cameroon SW Region Nga Forest 2008 2008 Warren WCS CameroonCM_1_Ngax_2008_10_28_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Nguti Council Forest 2006 2007 Ekobo WWF-CFPCM_1_Ngui_2006_09_15_Ekobo
Cameroon SW Region Ntakwo 2008 2008 Warren WCS CameroonCM_1_Ntao_2008_02_17_Warren
Cameroon SW Region Obonyi 1998 1998 Sunderland-Groves WCS Cameroon / Sunderland-GrovesCM_2_Obos_1998_12_08_Sunderland-Groves
Cameroon SW Region UFA00/001/002 2008 2008 Ekobo WWF-CARPOCM_1_U001_2008_08_15_Ekobo
Cameroon SW Region 1998 Sunderland-Groves WCS Cameroon / Sunderland-GrovesCM_1_Makx_1998_04_01_Sunderland-Groves
Cameroon South Region Campo Ma'an National Park 2008 2008 Etoga WWF-Kudu-Zombo ProjectCM_1_Camn_2008_05_15_Etoga
Cameroon Takamanda, Mone, Mbulu, SW Region Basho Hills 2001 Sunderland-Groves CM_1_Bass_2001_01_12_Sunderland-Groves
Cameroon Takamanda-Mone Landscape, Cameroon Takamanda National Park 1998 2007 Sunderland-Groves_and_Warren CM_1_Taka_1998_02_15_Sunderland-Groves_and_Warren
Central African Republic Dzanga National Park Dzanga 2003 2004 CITES-Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants CITES-Monitoring the Illegal Killing of ElephantsCF_1_Dzaa_2003_08_16_CITES-Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants
Central African Republic Dzangha Ndoki National Park Dzangha Ndoki (Bai Hokou) 2004 2005 Todd MPI-EVACF_1_Dzai_2004_07_15_Todd
Central African Republic Ngotto Forest Ngotto 2001 2002 Hicks Thurston Cleve HicksCF_1_Ngoo_2001_07_15_Hicks
Congo Goualougo, Congo Goualougo 2001 Morgan_and_Sanz Morgan David and Sanz CricketteCG_1_Gouo_2001_11_15_Morgan_and_Sanz
Congo Ngombe 2007 2011 Cameron CG 1_Ngombe_2007_01_30_Cameron
Congo Northern Region, Congo Ndoki-Likouala 2006 2006 Stokes WCS-GCPCG_1_Ndor_2006_02_15_Stokes
Congo Northern Region, Congo 2006 2007 Stokes WCS-GCPCG_1_Ngoe_2006_02_11_Stokes
Congo Northern Region, Congo 2006 2007 Stokes WCS-GCPCG_1_Ntou_2006_04_09_Stokes
Congo Northern Region, Congo 2007 2007 Stokes WCS-GCPCG_1_Pika_2007_01_04_Stokes
Congo Nouabale-Ndoki National Park Ndoki 2003 2003 MIKE Project CG_1_Ndoi_2003_05_25_MIKE Project
DR Congo Albertine Rift Kabobo 1999 2009 Plumptre WCS UgandaCD_1_Kabo_1999_07_15_Plumptre
DR Congo Albertine Rift 1999 2009 Plumptre Wildlife Conservation SocietyCD_1_Maru_1999_07_15_Plumptre
DR Congo Bili Uere Bili Uere 2004 2008 Hicks clevehicks@hotmail.comCD_1_Bile_2004_08_15_Hicks
DR Congo Bilya Hotspot Bilya Hotspot 2008 2009 n/a CD_1_Bila_2008_11_15_n/a
DR Congo Bolobo Bolobo 2007 Ndimbo CD_1_Bolo_2007_07_15_Ndimbo
DR Congo Bolombo-Losombo Bolombo-Losombo 2005 2008 Bonobo Conservation Initiative CD_1_Bolx_2005_12_15_Bonobo Conservation Initiative
DR Congo Bosango Bosango 2004 2004 n/a unknownCD_1_Boso_2004_10_02_n/a
DR Congo Boseka-Bokungu Boseka-Bokungu 2008 2008 n/a CD_1_Bosx_2008_06_05_n/a
DR Congo Botuali-Ilombe Botuali-Ilombe 2005 BCI CD_1_Bote_2005_01_01_BCI
DR Congo Botuali-Ilombe Botuali-Ilombe 2005 BCI CD_1_Bote_2005_07_15_BCI
DR Congo Botwali-Lac Tumba Region Botwali 2004 2004 Hurley CD_1_Boti_2004_03_15_Hurley
DR Congo Buburu-Boboke Buburu-Boboke 2006 2006 Bonobo Conservation Initiative CD_1_Bube_2006_02_19_Bonobo Conservation Initiative
DR Congo Cadjobe Cadjobe 2006 2006 African Wildlife Foundation African Wildlife FoundationCD_1_Cade_2006_07_15_African Wildlife Foundation
DR Congo Corridor-PA1_CBNRM Corridor-PA1_CBNRM 2009 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_CorM_2009_03_26_Reinartz
DR Congo Ikela-Bokungu Ikela-Bokungu 2006 2006 n/a CD_1_Ikex_2006_10_15_n/a
DR Congo Itombwe Itombwe 2003 2005 Mubalama CD_1_Itof_2003_10_15_Mubalama
DR Congo Ituri Ituri 2007 2009 Vosper WCS DR CongoCD_1_Itui_2007_10_15_Vosper
DR Congo Iyondji Forest Block Iyondji Forest Block 2009 2009 Vosper African wildlife FoundationCD_1_Iyok_2009_02_17_Vosper
DR Congo K7 K7 2010 2010 Lushimba African wildlife FoundationCD_1_K7xx_2010_07_15_Lushimba
DR Congo Kahuzi Biega Kahuzi Biega 2004 2007 Hart CD_1_Kaha_2004_09_01_Hart
DR Congo Kokolopori Kokolopori 2004 2005 Clanin Amy ClaninCD_1_Koki_2004_03_15_Clanin
DR Congo Lac Tumba Bomongo-Lobengo 2005 2005 BCI CD_1_Bomo_2005_12_07_BCI
DR Congo Lac Tumba MM1-MM2 2005 2005 Bonobo Conservation Initiative CD_1_MM12_2005_06_15_Bonobo Conservation Initiative
DR Congo Lilungu Lilungu 2005 2005 n/a CD_1_Lilu_2005_11_01_n/a
DR Congo Lingomo Lingomo 2008 2008 n/a CD_1_Linx_2008_02_06_n/a
DR Congo Lomako-Cadjobe Corridor Lomako-Cadjobe Corridor 2009 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Cadr_2009_03_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve RFLY_2006 2006 2006 African Wildlife Foundation African Wildlife FoundationCD_1_RFL6_2006_03_28_African Wildlife Foundation
DR Congo Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve RFLY_2008 2008 2008 Vosper African Wildlife FoundationCD_1_RFL8_2008_06_02_Vosper
DR Congo Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve RFLY_2010 2010 2010 Vosper African Wildlife FoundationCD_1_RFL0_2010_02_16_Vosper
DR Congo Lonua Lonua 2005 2006 n/a CD_1_Lona_2005_09_27_n/a
DR Congo Lubafu Lubefu 2010 2010 unknown unknownCD_1_Lubu_2010_10_12_unknown
DR Congo MLW MLW-2004 2004 2004 na CD_1_MLW4_2004_10_15_na
DR Congo Maiko National park Maiko National Park 2005 2005 Hart CD_1_Maio_2005_07_15_Hart
DR Congo Malebo Mpoka 2005 BCI CD_1_Mpoa_2005_01_01_BCI
DR Congo Malebo Mpoka 2005 BCI CD_1_Mpoa_2005_07_15_BCI
DR Congo Malebo Region Bopaka 2005 BCI CD_1_Bopa_2005_01_01_BCI
DR Congo Malebo Region Bopaka 2005 BCI CD_1_Bopa_2005_07_15_BCI
DR Congo Malebo-Nguomi Malebo-Nguomi 2005 2008 BCI CD_1_Malk_2005_11_15_BCI
DR Congo Mbala-Ndongese 2005 2005 BCI CD_1_Mbax_2005_07_15_BCI
DR Congo Mbie-Mokele Mbie-Mokele 2006 2007 na CD_1_Mbix_2006_06_15_na
DR Congo Mompono Mompono 2008 2008 na CD_1_Momx_2008_02_15_na
DR Congo Mompono-Bekumolokole Mompono-Bekumolokole 2008 2008 n/a CD_1_Mome_2008_02_15_n/a
DR Congo Mompono-Yaama Mompono-Yaama 2008 2008 na CD_1_Moma_2008_07_15_na
DR Congo Monieka-Bokote Monieka-Bokote 2006 2006 n/a CD_1_Monk_2006_10_15_n/a
DR Congo Ngombe-Botuali Ngombe-Botuali 2005 BCI CD_1_Ngol_2005_07_15_BCI
DR Congo Nkosso Nkosso 2006 2006 n/a CD_1_Nkoo_2006_08_01_n/a
DR Congo Okapi Okapi 1994 2011 Hart CD_1_Okai_1994_03_15_Hart
DR Congo Rubi-Tele Rubi-Tele 2007 2007 Hart CD_1_Rube_2007_05_15_Hart
DR Congo SW Salonga NP (including Lukenie-Sankuru, Lokoro-Lukenie, Lotoi-Lukoro) Salonga South West 2003 2008 WWF CD_1_Salw_2003_07_15_WWF
DR Congo SW Salonga NP (including Lukenie-Sankuru, Lokoro-Lukenie, Lotoi-Lukoro) Salonga South West 2003 2008 Blake, Maisels CD_1_Salw_2003_07_15_Blake, Maisels
DR Congo Salonga Corridor Salonga Corridor 2008 2008 Maisels CD_1_Salr_2008_10_23_Maisels
DR Congo Salonga East Salonga East 2007 2007 Maisels CD_1_Salt_2007_10_03_Maisels
DR Congo Salonga Nationa Park Etate 2004 2010 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Sale_2004_11_24_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Beminyo 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Bemo_2009_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Biondo-Biondo 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Bioo_2009_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Ikolo 2005 2005 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Ikoo_2005_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Isaka-Bekongo 2003 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Isao_2003_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Isanga 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Isaa_2009_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Lotulo 2003 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Loto_2003_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Nkinki 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Nkii_2009_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park Salonga NP South 2003 2004 Blake CD_1_Sahv_2003_11_15_Blake
DR Congo Salonga National Park Salonga North 2003 2004 Blake CD_1_Salh_2003_11_15_Blake
DR Congo Salonga National Park SalongaLokofa2010 2010 2010 Maisels Wildlife Conservation SocietyCD_1_Sal0_2010_04_15_Maisels
DR Congo Salonga National Park Yongo 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Yono_2009_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Bona_2009_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Salonga National Park 2009 Reinartz Zoological Society of MilwaukeeCD_1_Lokx_2009_07_15_Reinartz
DR Congo Samba Samba 2007 2007 n/a CD_1_Samb_2007_12_15_n/a
DR Congo Sankuru Sankuru 2009 Maisels WCSCD_1_Sanu_2009_03_15_Maisels
DR Congo TL2TshapaLomami TL2TshapaLomami 2007 2008 Hart CD_1_TL2i_2007_07_04_Hart
DR Congo Virunga Massif Virunga 2003 2003 Gray CD_2_Vira_2003_09_15_Gray
DR Congo Wamba Wamba 2003 2005 n/a CD_1_Wamx_2003_09_04_n/a
DR Congo Yetsi-Ikela Yetsi-Ikela 2008 2008 n/a CD_1_Yeta_2008_05_30_n/a
Equatorial Guinea Mount Alen Mt Alen National Park 2003 2004 Ghiurghi ECOFACGQ_1_Monn_2003_07_15_Ghiurghi
Gabon Bateke National Park Bateke 2005 2006 Maisels GA_1_Bate_2005_04_13_Maisels
Gabon Birougou and buffer zone Birougou 2006 2007 Maisels WCSGA_1_Biru_2006_10_15_Maisels
Gabon CFAD Leroy Concession UFA1 CFAD Leroy Concession UFA1 2001 2001 Ghiurghi GA_1_Ler1_2001_06_14_Ghiurghi
Gabon Forest des Bois d Azingo Forest des Bois d Azingo 2003 Ghiurghi GA_1_FBAx_2003_01_01_Ghiurghi
Gabon Industrielle et Forestiere du Komo Industrielle et Forestiere du Komo 2003 2003 Ghiurghi AGRECOGA_1_IFKx_2003_09_29_Ghiurghi
Gabon Ivindo Ivindo 2004 2005 Maisels GA_1_Ivio_2004_04_20_Maisels
Gabon Lac Tumba 2011 2011 WWF WWF DR CongoCD_1_Laca_2011_08_18_WWF
Gabon Loango National Park 1998 2000 Morgan Morgan BethanGA_1_Peto_1998_07_15_Morgan
Gabon Loango National Park 2007 2007 Head Josephine HeadGA_1_Loa7_2007_02_13_Head
Gabon Lope Lope 2004 2005 Maisels GA_1_Lope_2004_08_25_Maisels
Gabon Mayumba Mayumba 2006 2007 Maisels GA_1_Maya_2006_09_21_Maisels
Gabon Minkebe Minkebe 2003 2004 MIKE Project GA_1_Mine_2003_08_06_MIKE Project
Gabon Monts de christal Monts de christal 2004 2005 Maisels GA_1_Monl_2004_12_08_Maisels
Gabon Mwagne Mwagne 2004 2004 Maisels WCSGA_1_Mwae_2004_11_24_Maisels
Gabon Ngounie/Nyanga Moukalaba-Doudou National Park 2004 2005 Kuehl Hjalmar S. Kuehl/WWF GambaGA_MouDo_2004_04_17_Kuehl
Gabon Pongara Pongara 2007 2007 Petre GA_1_Pona_2007_01_17_Petre
Gabon Waka Waka 2005 2006 Maisels WCSGA_1_Waka_2005_12_05_Maisels
Ghana Atewa Atewa 2006 Granier GH_1_Aten_2006_07_15_Granier
Ghana Western Region Ankasa 2006 2009 Gatti GH_1_Anka_2006_12_15_Gatti
Ghana Western Region Bia 2006 2009 Gatti GH_1_Biax_2006_12_15_Gatti
Ghana Western Region Boin Tano 2006 2009 Gatti GH_1_Boio_2006_12_15_Gatti
Ghana Western Region Krokosua Hills 2006 2009 Gatti GH_1_Kros_2006_12_15_Gatti
Ghana Western Region Mamiri 2006 2009 Gatti GH_1_Mami_2006_12_15_Gatti
Ghana Western Region Tano Nimiri 2006 2009 Gatti GH_1_Tani_2006_12_15_Gatti
Ghana Western Region Yoyo 2006 2009 Gatti GH_1_Yoyo_2006_12_15_Gatti
Guinea Bardiar Badiar 2010 2010 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Badr_2010_05_29_Regnaut
Guinea Dieke Dieke 2011 2011 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Diee_2011_02_07_Regnaut
Guinea Foutah Djallon 2007 NA NAGN_1_Foul_2007_07_15_NA
Guinea GadhaWoudou GadhaWoudou 2011 2011 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Gadu_2011_07_08_Regnaut
Guinea Guinea-Mali Transboundary Aire Protegee Transfrontaliere Bafing-Faleme (APTBF) 2002 2004 Granier APTBF GuineaGN_2_Aire_2002_04_15_Granier
Guinea Kankan Kankan 2009 2009 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Kann_2009_07_27_Regnaut
Guinea Koumbia Koumbia 2010 2010 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Koua_2010_05_11_Regnaut
Guinea Nationwide, Guinea 1995 1997 Kormos GN_1_Nata_1995_07_15_Kormos
Guinea Nimba Nimba1 2008 2010 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Nim1_2008_12_08_Regnaut
Guinea OureKaba OureKaba 2009 2009 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Oura_2009_05_13_Regnaut
Guinea PNHNKouyah PNHNKouyah 2009 2009 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_PNHh_2009_07_06_Regnaut
Guinea PNHNMafou PNHNMafou 2009 2009 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_PNHu_2009_06_17_Regnaut
Guinea Sangaredi Sangaredi09 2009 2009 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_San9_2009_02_16_Regnaut
Guinea Sangaredi Sangaredi10 2010 2010 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_San0_2010_03_02_Regnaut
Guinea Sangaredi Sangaredi11 2011 2011 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_San1_2011_04_20_Regnaut
Guinea Ziama Ziama 2010 2011 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationGN_1_Ziaa_2010_12_25_Regnaut
Indonesia & Malaysia Borneo Multiple Sites 1999 2015 Voigt_Wich et al. Various organizations & individualsMYS_IDN_Multiple_sites_1999_01_01_Voigt_Wich et al.
Ivory Coast Azagny National Park Azagny 2007 Herbinger Wild Chimpanzee FoundationCI_1_Azai_2007_07_15_Herbinger
Ivory Coast Banco, Ivory Coast Banco 2006 2008 WCF-OIPR Wild Chimpanzee FoundationCI_1_Bano_2006_07_15_WCF-OIPR
Ivory Coast Bossematie Bossematie 2007 2007 Campbell CI_1_Bose_2007_10_04_Campbell
Ivory Coast Camoe Camoe 1990 2009 Campbell_Marchesi_Herbinger CI_1_Come_1990_07_15_Campbell_Marchesi_Herbinger
Ivory Coast Camoe Camoe 1990 2009 Campbell / Marchesi / Herbinger CI_1_Come_1990_07_15_Campbell / Marchesi / Herbinger
Ivory Coast Cavally Cavally 2009 2009 Normand Wild Chimpanzee FoundationCI_1_Cavy_2009_02_18_Normand
Ivory Coast Dassiekro Dassiekro 1990 2007 Campbell and Marchesi Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary AnthropologyCI_1_Daso_1990_07_15_Campbell and Marchesi
Ivory Coast Duekoue Duekoue 1990 Marchesi CI_1_Duee_1990_07_15_Marchesi
Ivory Coast Go_Bodienou Go_Bodienou 2007 Campbell Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary AnthropologyCI_1_Gobx_2007_07_15_Campbell
Ivory Coast Goin-Debe Goin-Debe 2006 2007 Normand Wild Chimpanzee FoundationCI_1_Goie_2006_06_22_Normand
Ivory Coast Mabi Mabi 2007 Campbell CI_1_Mabi_2007_07_15_Campbell
Ivory Coast Marahoue Marahoue 1990 2007 Campbell_Marchesi_Ngoran CI_1_Mare_1990_07_15_Campbell_Marchesi_Ngoran
Ivory Coast Monogaga Monogaga 1990 2007 Campbell_and_Marchesi CI_1_Moni_1990_07_15_Campbell_and_Marchesi
Ivory Coast Mount Kope Mount Kope 1989 2007 Campbell_Marchesi CI_1_Monx_1989_07_15_Campbell_Marchesi
Ivory Coast Mount Peko Mount Peko 2001 2001 Herbinger CI_1_Mono_2001_04_02_Herbinger
Ivory Coast Mount Sangbe Mount Sangbe 2001 2001 Herbinger CI_1_Mone_2001_05_14_Herbinger
Ivory Coast Nimba Mountain Nimba Mountain 1990 2008 Campbell_Marchesi_Regnaut CI_1_Nima_1990_07_15_Campbell_Marchesi_Regnaut
Ivory Coast Niouniourou Niouniourou 2007 Campbell CI_1_Niou_2007_07_15_Campbell
Ivory Coast Nizoro Nizoro 2007 Campbell CI_1_Nizo_2007_07_15_Campbell
Ivory Coast Okromodou Okromodou 2007 Campbell CI_1_Okru_2007_07_15_Campbell
Ivory Coast Port Gautier Port Gautier 2007 Campbell CI_1_Porr_2007_07_15_Campbell
Ivory Coast Tai National Park Tai National Park 1989 2008 Marchesi_Campbell MPI and WCFCI_1_Taix_1989_07_15_Marchesi_Campbell
Ivory Coast Tai National Park Tai National Park Phase Four 2008 2010 Ngoran MPI and WCFCI_1_Tai4_2008_09_02_Ngoran
Ivory Coast Tai National Park Tai National Park Phase Three 2000 2008 Ngoran MPI and WCFCI_1_Tai3_2000_09_27_Ngoran
Ivory Coast Tai National Park Tai National Park Phase Two 2006 2007 Ngoran MPI and WCFCI_1_Tai2_2006_10_04_Ngoran
Ivory Coast Tai National Park Tai National Park Phase one 2005 2006 Ngoran MPI and WCFCI_1_Tai1_2005_08_17_Ngoran
Ivory Coast Tamin Tamin 2007 Campbell CI_1_Tamn_2007_07_15_Campbell
Liberia Grebo National Forest Grebo 2005 2006 Gamys Conservation International, LiberiaLR_1_Greo_2005_10_15_Gamys
Liberia Grebo National Forest 2012 2012 Regnaut Wild Chimpanzee FoundationLR_1_Grel_2012_02_24_Regnaut
Liberia Nationwide 2011 2012 Junker Max Planxk Institute for Evolutionary AnthropologyLR_1_Natr_2011_05_27_Junker
Liberia Nimba Mts 2010 2011 Ngoran MPI and WCFLR_1_Niml_2010_09_13_Ngoran
Mali Bafing Biosphere Reserve Bafing Biosphere Reserve 2004 2004 Duvall ML_1_Bafe_2004_01_15_Duvall
Mali Mali and Guinea, West Africa Mali-Guinea Transboundary 2002 2004 Granier ML_2_Maly_2002_04_15_Granier
Nigeria Afi Mountain Afi Mountain 2003 2007 Dunn WCS NigeriaNG_1_Afin_2003_07_15_Dunn
Nigeria Afi River Forest Reserve Afi River 2008 2008 Dunn NG_1_Afir_2008_02_15_Dunn
Nigeria Cross River region Cross River National Park 2004 2008 Dunn WCSNG_1_Crok_2004_07_15_Dunn
Nigeria Mbe Mountain Mbe Mountain 2003 2009 Dunn WCS NigeriaNG_1_Mben_2003_07_15_Dunn
Nigeria South Western Nigeria South Western Nigeria 2008 2008 Bergl NG_1_Sout_2008_01_15_Bergl
Rwanda Gishwati Gishwati 2007 2010 Barakabuye_and_Chancellor RW_1_Gisi_2007_05_15_Barakabuye_and_Chancellor
Rwanda Nyungwe Nyungwe 1999 2007 Barakabuye_and_Plumptre RW_1_Nyue_1999_07_15_Barakabuye_and_Plumptre
Senegal Niokolo koba Niokolo Koba 1998 2000 Galat-Luong SN_1_Nioa_1998_07_15_Galat-Luong
Sierra Leone Gola Forest Gola 2009 2009 Ganas Royal Society for the Protection of BirdsSL_1_Gola_2009_02_15_Ganas
Sierra Leone Kambui 2009 2009 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Kami_2009_11_01_Brncic
Sierra Leone Kangari 2009 2010 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Kani_2009_10_02_Brncic
Sierra Leone Kilimi 2009 2010 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Kili_2009_05_15_Brncic
Sierra Leone Loma 2009 2009 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Lomy_2009_06_04_Brncic
Sierra Leone Moyamba 2009 2009 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Moya_2009_03_26_Brncic
Sierra Leone Nationwide 2008 2010 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Siek_2008_08_03_Brncic
Sierra Leone Nimini 2009 2009 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Nimi_2009_12_02_Brncic
Sierra Leone Outamba 2009 2010 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Outa_2009_05_02_Brncic
Sierra Leone Port Loko 2009 2009 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Poro_2009_09_02_Brncic
Sierra Leone Tingi 2010 2010 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Tini_2010_03_03_Brncic
Sierra Leone West Area 2009 2009 Brncic Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation ProgrammeSL_1_Siea_2009_01_07_Brncic
Tanzania Albertine Rift Mahale Mountains 2005 2008 Plumptre_and_Koichiro TZ_1_Mahs_2005_07_15_Plumptre_and_Koichiro
Tanzania Albertine Rift Ugalla-Sitebi 2005 Plumptre TZ_1_Ugai_2005_07_15_Plumptre
Tanzania Ilumba Ilumba 2005 2005 Piel TZ_1_Ilua_2005_09_15_Piel
Tanzania Ugalla, Tanzania Ugalla 2008 2010 Piel TZ_1_Ugaa_2008_09_15_Piel
Uganda Albertine Rift Budongo 2000 2000 Plumptre UG_1_Budo_2000_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Bugoma 1999 Plumptre UG_1_Buga_1999_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Itwara 2002 Plumptre UG_1_Itwa_2002_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Kagombe 1999 Plumptre UG_1_Kage_1999_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Kalinzu 1997 2001 Plumptre UG_1_Kalu_1997_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Kasato 1999 Plumptre UG_1_Kaso_1999_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Kasyoha Kitomi 2001 Plumptre UG_1_Kasx_2001_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Kibale 2000 Plumptre UG_1_Kibe_2000_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Kibego 2002 Plumptre UG_1_Kibo_2002_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Maramagambo 2002 Plumptre UG_1_Maro_2002_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Muhangi 2002 Plumptre UG_1_Muhi_2002_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Ruwenzori Mountains 2002 Plumptre UG_1_Ruws_2002_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Albertine Rift Semuliki 2003 Plumptre UG_1_Semi_2003_07_15_Plumptre
Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Bwindi Impenetrable National Park 1997 2006 McNeilage UG_1_Bwie_1997_01_15_McNeilage
Uganda Hoima District Hoima District 2006 2006 McLennan UG_1_Hoit_2006_02_15_McLennan
Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam 1884 2009 n/a n/aVN_1_Viem_1884_07_15_n/a
WEA (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon) West Equatorial Africa BoumbaBek,DengDeng,Lobeke,Mbam Djerem,Ngoila Mintom,Nki,UFA 10-008,UFA 10-009,UFA 10-010,UFA 10-012,UFA 10-013,UFA 10-021,UFA 10-023,UFA 10-064,UFA 100-65,UFA 100-65,UFA 100-65,Dzanga,Bailly North,Bailly South,Batanga,Conkouati,Dimonika,Impfondo,Lac Tele North,Lac Tele North,Lac Tele South,Lossi-Kelle,Loundougou Terra Firma,Loundougou Swamps,Messok-Dja,Mokabi,Mt Fouari,Ngombe-Ntokou-Pikounda,NNNP South,NNNP North,Odzala North,Odzala South,Ogooue-Leketi,Sangha low ele,Tanga,Tchimpounga,Zanaga,Equatorial Guinea (nationwide survey),Bateke,Birougou,Ivindo,Kivoro,Loango,Lope,Lope,Lope-Waka corridor,Mayombe,Mayumba,Minkebe,Moukalaba-Doudou,Mts de Cristal,Mwagne,Pongara,Waka,Wonga Wongue 2003 2015 Strindberg et al WCS, WWF, African Parks, JGI and MPIWEA_multi_sites_2003_01_01_Strindberg et al
cameroon SW Region Maloni Forest 2008 2008 Warren WCS CameroonCM_1_Mali_2008_11_24_Warren


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