Analytical Tools

Here you find a wide spectrum of analytical tools that will help you to embark on an in-depth exploration of great apes: their status, the factors threatening their survival, and possibilities for their conservation.

The Side-by-side Map allows you to compare different layers and/or regions with regard to factors influencing ape population status.

With the Chart Generator you can generate a wide variety of charts that will summarize the data you are interested in.

The Prediction Tool allows you create statistical models under different potential scenarios (threats / management) and from which you can draw inferences about ape populations.

The Dashboard provides a suite of tools which can guide conservation actions by allowing you to explore the relative pressures impacting species living in important ape sites. This information can be combined with indicators of habitat condition, protection level and the ability of a site to support a combination of non-ape species and selected ecosystem services. The Dashboard will allow you to answer a diverse range of questions including, what are the most/least threatened important ape sites and what is their protection status?